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27 November 2015 @ 12:50 am
I will always be a hyphen...  

I wasn't expecting that I will write another blog like this.... this is too painful...

I feel heartbroken, sad, angry, confused and more negative emotions..

Another member of the group is leaving. I feel hurt for the rest of KAT-TUN members. I really did not expect that Taguchi will be leaving the group. They promised us (hyphens) that no one will leave the group again after Koki’s departure. I know it is your life Junno. I want you to be happy.

Next year will be your 10th Anniversary. I was saving up so I can fully enjoy your concert. If I only knew that this would happen, I should've attended your Quarter concert last May in Tokyo Dome. I didn't know that I was watching your last 4nin concert during Come Here Countdown. </3 We don’t know what will happen in the future for KAT-TUN. I really cried after reading their messages and the video where Junno announced it. I was not expecting that horrible news. I wasn't ready. I never knew that part of you wants to move on and go separate ways with KAT-TUN. You were hiding it behind your smile :'( The 3 tried their best to convince him to stay but with no luck.

I will always be a hyphen.

For all the hyphens out there…
Let us be strong for Kamenashi, Ueda and Nakamaru. They need us, our support.

To Taguchi..
Thank you for the smiles, the jokes and ofcourse your voice. I will surely miss your “iriguchi deguchi taguchi desu”…… I will really miss your smile in every tv show and concert </3

I don’t want to say goodbye.. I’ll just say.. See you again... </3 </3 </3
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ハヤ❤モポポだよ!banjii_spirit on November 27th, 2015 12:02 pm (UTC)
I do always be Hyphen!
I send them many postcard *with my own design, it includes QR code to projects vdo clip from Thai Hyphen*

I'll support them as long as they still stand for Hyphen...
Not matter how!

T v T #StayStrong